Saturday, October 29, 2011

What is Prayer?

I awoke this morning with your great-great-grandmother's poem "What is Prayer" running through my mind. If you haven't read or heard it lately, here it is:

What Is Prayer?

Pray'r is sitting at the Master's feet,
Pray'r is basking in His presence sweet.
Pray'r is communion of friend with Friend,
Blessed communion that has no end.
Pray'r is worship, adoration, praise,
Pouring forth the soul in joyful lays.

Claiming all God's promises given,
Drawing drafts on the bank of heaven.
Pray'r is the attitude of the soul.
As plants to sun, so to God the soul.
Pray'r is victory, pray'r is power;
Prayer is strength in temptation's hour.

Prayer is yieldedness to God's will,
A list'ning ear, His will to fulfill;
Becoming a cup of strength indeed
To souls in anguish and depths of need.
Prayer is drawing supplies of grace
Day by day as we gaze on His face.

Did you notice how many things that prayer is? This is a long list! What might you be missing in your prayer life? Have you limited your prayers to a tired repetition of requests of God? I hope that you will spend some time with this poem today. Ask yourself if you are taking full advantage of all the things that prayer can be in your life.

Father, reveal to us the value of a rich prayer-life with You. Move us to spend more time each day in prayer and meditation on Your holy name. Inspire us to pray early and often. Make us yielded in every way to Your will. We ask this prayer in Christ's name. Amen.

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